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View your sites, competitors, potential sites and more, all from your cell phone or tablet with Sitewise Mobile.
Sitewise Mobile is our mobile app that helps you plan site tours, navigate, share insights, run reports, and evaluate real estate opportunities in real time.

The App

Market planning in the palm of your hand.

Meet Sitewise Mobile.

This fully-featured mobile app brings our market planning solutions right to your phone or tablet.

It’s your secret weapon to accelerate real estate pipelines and beat your competition to the punch. It gives you the power to access data, run reports and share real-world insights while you’re out on site tours.

From planning to navigation, analysis, reporting and decision-making, Sitewise Mobile frees you from the desk. Your strategic real estate roadmap has the potential to be more portable, data-driven and efficient than ever before.

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This app is built for…


Wasted time is not an option

Out-positioning the competition means finding the best sites faster.

Sitewise Mobile makes quick work of planning market tours, collecting data, and running reports in the field. Now your whole team can mitigate risks and validate sites at the speed of the market.


Remove market plan roadblocks

Sick of recapping field insights at your desk, using external platforms and data, or struggling with sluggish or limited apps?

Together, our app and our web-based tech automate data sharing and reporting. Talk about improving your work life and your work-life balance!


Work smart together or apart

Everyone needs to be on the same platform, maps, data and reports to be on the same page when it comes to site selection.

Our app comingles it all in real time with our platform. That means teams collaborate efficiently whether they’re touring sites or running a meeting.


Perform advanced tasks

This app makes it easy to customize trade areas and run reports from in under 30 seconds.

Never waste time on out-of-profile sites! Just run your site packages and sales forecast models, or access mass mobile, traffic and other key data from your phone or tablet.

The Users

Who should use Sitewise Mobile?

Are you a Sitewise Pro user? Then this app is for you. When you partner with Sitewise Analytics, your team gets access to Sitewise Mobile – our dynamic mobile app for market planning on the go.

This app is not a toy. Thousands of users carry out operational and strategic tasks in our mobile app every day. Anyone who oversees or contributes to market strategy can use it to stay connected and informed on the status and findings of site tours.

Real estate
Real estate

Sitewise Mobile helps real estate teams make quick, informed decisions on prime real estate opportunities.

Validate market plans with on-the-ground intelligence

Sitewise Mobile gives you the power to make quick, informed decisions on prime real estate opportunities from anywhere.

Get real-time updates on photos, comments and scorecards as they happen in the field.


Sitewise Mobile helps operations teams bring all data, collaborations, processes and reports into the Sitewise market planning ecosystem. That means one source of truth for all your brand's teams.

Access one source of truth at the office or in the field.

This app runs off the same data, processes and reports as our platform.

That means everyone is in sync when it comes to the sites and strategies that will grow your brand the wise way.


Sitewise Mobile helps people in the franchising department of multi-unit brands to gain the confidence of potential franchisees. Gain franchisee confidence in your brand and market plan.

Use Sitewise Mobile to take franchisees on planned site tours to show them site packages, field notes and market potential reports.

You’ll demonstrate your commitment to the success of every franchise location, and they’ll have peace of mind in your research and their investment.

The Possibilities

Data-driven market strategy – to go.

Imagine this…

You’re parked after touring another potential new location. All your photos, notes, scorecards and reports are recorded to the location pins of the sites you’ve visited today. One last stop and you’re done.

You check out the trade area data and run a sales forecast report on the last location. It’s done in 15 seconds on your mobile device. Once you validate the site, you use the same app to navigate to the final stop.

All this time your team back at the office is chatting about your real-world insights from each site to inform go / no-go decisions.

Together with Sitewise Mobile and our platform, you move faster than every to lock down great opportunities before anyone else.

Organized site tours
No-hassle adoption
Instant access
Streamlined data
Organized site tours

Plan and navigate your site tours

Being prepared means saving time and mitigating risk.

The Tour feature in Sitewise Mobile sets you up for success with site tour itineraries, set stop times, live in-app navigation.

You can create your plans in the office, update them along the way, and find new routes as you validate sites for consideration or action.

No-hassle adoption

View your sites, competitors, potential sites and more, all from your cell phone or tablet with Sitewise Mobile.

If your team can’t use a mobile app easily and efficiently, they won’t use it at all.

That’s why we built Sitewise Mobile to be quick to grasp and adopt across your teams. It’s based off of Google Maps for ease of use.

Now everyone can pick up a mobile device to do their jobs well (and fast!) from anywhere.

Instant access

Access key data like traffic, mass mobile, and more from your tablet or mobile phone with Sitewise Mobile. Review key data like traffic, mass mobile, demographics and more from your tablet or mobile phone.

In the office, you get instant access to your teams’ site tour data, notes, photos, scorecards and more.

In the field, you can discover how in-profile your trade area is by turning on data layers to answer questions, or even leverage advanced reporting tools to make strategic decisions in real time.

Streamlined data

Sitewise Mobille gives you the power to run sales forecast reports in less than 30 seconds from your mobile device.

Sitewise Mobile really means the freedom to do your market planning from anywhere.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using the app on your mobile device or you’re on the Sitewise platform on your laptop in the office.  All of your brand’s strategic real estate data, reports and roadmap information is saved and updated instantly.

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