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The retail industry is unique. It’s going through a disruption at breakneck velocity. Those who survive and thrive in our modern era are the ones who understand how better planning can transform their bottom line.

Software to support your retail strategy.

Make your mark on the world by planning your next move wisely.
Partner with Sitewise and hold the power of data-driven insights right at your fingertips.


Plan new locations

Sitewise location reporting generates site packages with detailed analysis. We customize each component exactly what you need for your real estate committees


Track your Store Pipeline

Visualize your stores as they go from dirt to construction. Then Seamlessly integrate your lease admin system with Sitewise to manage costs renewals


Analyze your Sales and Customer Patterns

Differentiate from your competitors by better understanding customer visitation over time. Examine buying habits and the impact of e-commerce on brick-and-mortar stores


Forecast Sales and Revenue

Forecast your revenue as you add new stores or relocate existing ones. Then calculate the impact any relocations have on existing stores, dialing in your cannibalization and overlap

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Site Tours

Plan your tour with the Tour feature and access all your data from your phone using Sitewise Mobile


White Space Analysis

How many stores can you put in a market? A supportable store report gives you a methodology to determine your chain’s total market potential

Get the answers and support you need.

Have a question while planning and managing your locations? Sitewise support can show you how to get the insights you need: Only one click away and always available by phone

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Quality industry data.

ChainXY to better understand competitors and co-tenants. Also, use Shopping Center Data for those retail businesses in malls.  


GeoSocial data.

Better understand what segments are your customers coming from?  

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